The Garfagnana area

The Garfagnana is an area located in the north side of Lucca’s province, between 2 mountain chains: the Apuan Alps and the Appennine. The Garfagnana is an interesting region with an high natural value, in the middle of the Apuan Alps Park, characterized by chestnut trees, beech woods and vineyards. There are many trails in the country side and on the mountains to explore by foot, riding a bike or an horse. The sea and the famous 60′s and 70′s discos of Versilia are not so far (45 Km). We recommend you to visit the nice little villages of Garfagnana. With their stone houses and quiet, they’ll give you an idea of the slow and healthy life of yesterday. Don’t forget to taste the food specialities of Garfagnana such as the excellent home-made cheeses and hams, the products made of chestnut flour: “castagnaccio”, “necci”, “polenta di neccio” and the classical roast chestnuts in October and November.

In the pages of this site, you will find useful informations about what to see in Garfagnana and about the most interesting places like the Orecchiella park, the Grotta del Vento cave, the Verrucole Fortress and other hidden jewels of this area.

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