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Chestnut crêpes with ricotta cheese

Ingredients for 8 people:

  •      400 g of chestnut flour
  •      a glass of water
  •      a teaspoon of sugar
  •      a pinch of salt
  •      olive oil


First of all, to prepare chestnut  crêpes (also called “necci” in Garfagnana) you must acquire the “Testi” (photo at top) , a metal tool composed of two circular parts with a long handle (see photo on top of the article). Put the chestnut flour in a bowl with  water, sugar and salt; mix well until you get a smooth batter. Grease the “testi” tool and put a part of it on the flame, pour the batter over it and cover with the other part of the tool . Remove from the heat when the batter has become solid. Serve the necciocrêpes stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese.