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Adventure Parks in Garfagnana

The wild nature of the Garfagnana is perfect to accommodate several types of adventure parks offering many attractions and sport activities for all age groups.

Let’s see in detail the 3 main adventure parks of Garfagnana:

Parco del Levigliese

It’s located near the village of Vergemoli, above the town center of Gallicano, on the road leading to the “Grotta del Vento” (GPS coordinates: N 44.045147 – E 10.387618).

The offer of outdoor activities that visitors can perform is large. It includes:

  • 9 climbing walls with different difficulty levels
  • 1 climbing wall for kids
  • 3 canyoning tracks
  • 1 canyoning track for kids
  • 1 sensory itinerary
  • 8 dry waterfalls to descend
  • Canoeing and rafting
  • Scuba diving in local lake
  • Diving platforms (from 3 to 16 meters)
  • Trekking among the Garfagnana legends
  • Speleology (3 caves to explore. Reservation is required)

Access (all day) to the park is priced € 35 for adults and € 15 for children. Visitors will be accompanied by expert guides; all the necessary equipment will be provided by the Park staff.

More information on the official website of Parco del Levigliese

Parco del Battiferro

It is located near the Village of Vergemoli too, not far from Parco del Levigliese.

The selection of sport activities of this park is mainly based on canyoning.

Canyoning consists of descending streams with ropes and jumps, wearing appropriate wetsuit and shoes, protective helmet and harness.

Two available trails:

Rio Pinguini” within Parco del Battiferro: it is a canyoning initiation in the crystalline waters of Turrite stream, suitable for adults and children. This canoyng experience has a duration of about one hour. Price is € 10 per person.

Fogliaio”: it represents a more advanced level of canyoning in a spectacular natural setting . The duration is about 2 hours. Price is € 30 per person.

The safety equipment (wetsuits, helmets and boots) is provided by the the staff that will assist visitors in every step of this experience.

There is also the chance to explore old iron mines and to use a completely rebuilt cable way.

More informations on the Facebook page of the Parco del Battiferro

Parco “Selva del Buffardello “

It’s located in San Romano in Garfagnana (Pra di Lago).

Unlike the previous two theme parks (where the main activity is canyoning), this park offers the opportunity to perform several activities on the trees (tibetan bridges between trees, natural swings “Tarzan style” or pulleys in the woods ….).

Prices are:

Children track : € 12 / duration: 1 hour and a half (including equipment)

Teen and adult track: € 18/ suration: 2 hours (includes equipment)

Groups with more than 15 people: € 2 discount per each ticket

More information on the official website of the Park “Selva del Buffardello

Canyon park

A great outdoor experience is the Canyon Park: it is an aerial route, consisting of metal cable ways and tibetan bridges, located in one of the narrowest and less accessible parts of the Lima creek valley, just near the village of Bagni di Lucca.

Visitors can also swim and dive into the creek or try the paddle board experience.

More informations: