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Echo-friendly tours around Garfagnana and Lucca

All hiking and cycling lovers will be able to book directly from Pruneta di Sopra villa or from this web site some themed and guided group tours on the interesting Garfagnana trails or in Lucca countryside.

Guests will have the opportunity to discover Lucca countryside, its magnificent ancient villas or the places where the great composer Giacomo Puccini wrote his famous operas. It’s also possible to arrange customized itineraries which will be designed on the specific interests and training levels of the participants. All tours will be managed by expert guides, professional people who will accompany the groups to visit Lucca territory, illustrating the most significant natural and cultural informations and ensuring the excursion safety. Here are some exemples of “echo-friendly” tours:

This trail starts from the little village of Fornovolasco (in Garfagnana)  and it brings the visitors to the stunning “Monte Forato“, a mountain characterized by a large natural arch (one of the biggest in Italy) which is the result of the slow limestone erosion . The use of hiking boots, raincoats or other type of jackets is highly recommended . For this excursion it’s also recommended a good physical training. The collective price for a group up to a maximum of 9 people is  euro 200 (full day hike). Each participant will also need a backpack with at least one liter of water and some food for lunch (not included in the excursion price).

Meeting point to be decided with the guide.

The 3 hours night walk on the “Moro trail” (in italian: sentiero del Moro) starts from the village of Sillico, in Garfagnana; this is a trail with a unique taste: from the church square of Sillico, the visitors will reach the near villages through chestnut woods and forests. The rate for groups up to 9 people is euro 150, including headlamps. Recommended equipment: suitable clothing for the season, rain jacket, proper shoes (like sneakers or hiking shoes), half a liter of water, some biscuits or light snacks. Tour Details: after a brief visit to the village of Sillico, you will be immersed in a sort of fairytale. As visitors move away from the village, stars will take the place of the artificial lights and sounds and scents of the chestnut woods will awake the senses of the hikers in the darkness of night. The guide will bring the visitors to visit a “metato“, a traditional Garfagnana stone hut used to dry chestnuts.

Meeting point: in front of the church of Sillico village. This walk is also available during the day.

Nice and easy bicycle ride starting from Lucca and going, through Lucca and Pisa countryside, to Massaciuccoli lake where the great composer Giacomo Puccini lived and created his famous operas. This bike experience is set on country gravel trails and secondary roads with no appreciable differences in height;  the total distance is about 50 Km (31 miles) to cover with calm and with several stops. The collective fee for a group up to 9 people is euro 200.00 (full day ride) . To this, you  have to add the cost of the bike rental  from a local hirer (about euro 20 per person per one entire day). For very small groups (up to 3 people) price is euro 60 per each participant. We recommend hikers to wear sports clothing and sneakers. It is also recommended to have a liter bottle of water and light snacks or biscuits to restore sugar balance. Lunch is not included in the price.

It ‘s an interesting 4 hours walk from the majestic Torrigiani historical villa in Camigliano (near Lucca) through olive groves and vineyards, characterized by nice views on Lucca plain. The collective fee for a group up to 9 people is  euro 120   (price for only 2 partecipants:  euro 40 per person  ). Visitors can also visit Torrigiani historical villa and its garden in total autonomy (ticket is not included in the price of the guided walk). The use of running shoes and sports apparel is highly recommended. We also recommend that participants bring with them  a bottle of water and some cookies or light snacks.

The meeting point is at the entrance of Torrigiani villa in Camigliano .

This 3 hours bike tour starts from the city of Lucca and  it brings the participants to discover the secrets of the surrounding countryside. Visitors will have the possibility to move trough beautiful rural landscape and to discover the evidences of  the age-old relationship between man and the land. The bike trip can be completed with a tour of the ancient Lucca town walls with the indication of the main monuments of the town. Recommended equipment:  sneackers and sports clothing suitable to the season,  half a liter of water, biscuits or light snacks . Collective price for groups up to 9 persons: euro 120 (bike rental price is not included in the tour rate).

Meeting point: Porta Santa Maria, in Lucca.