Project Description

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Tandem Paragliding in the Serchio Valley

Pruneta di Sopra villa and Top Level flight school offer to guests the opportunity to experience the thrill of tandem paragliding with the maximum level of safety guaranteed by long experienced and skilled flight instructors.

Everybody can fly, there is absolutely no need for previous experience, the instructor, with a small briefing, will provide to the passenger all the informations about the take-off, the flight experience, and the landing. During the flight, the passanger can fly the paraglider himself or he can leave all the commands to the instructor, thus having free hands to shoot photos and video of an unforgettable experience. The flight comfort is guaranteed by the paraglider saddle, a kind of retractable chair that is used after the take-off.

The landing phase (exclusively managed by the instructor) is very soft and smooth.

The departure is from Bargiglio Mount (700 meters) above the village of Borgo a Mozzano (30 minute drive from Pruneta di Sopra villa) and the landing, after about 20 minutes flight, is near the village of Diecimo. This area is probably one of the best places in Tuscany for paragliding.

Flight (prices per person)

(including: helmet and other equipment, shuttle service to the place of departure, insurance coverage, certificate of participation)

  • € 100 Saturday and Sunday
  • € 120 during the other days
  • € 100 all the week for groups of at least 3 people

Video Service:

(it includes flight video recording with Go Pro HD action cam, video editing with text and transitions, DVD creation, shipping to passenger address)

  • € 50

The flight will take place only with the suitable weather conditions. Passenger will be contacted in advance in case of cancellation.